2018 Extravaganza Activities

Saturday April 28th,

10am - 2pm

Broadmeadow School, Needham

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1. Build A Bubble Wand

2. Humpty Dumpty

3. Storybook Corner

4. London Bridge is Falling Down

5. Build and Play with the Needham Education Foundation

6. Designing for a Wind Tunnel

7. The Real Angry Birds

8. Hovercrafts with the Needham Public Library

9. Take Apart Table

10. DIY Speakers for your Phone

11. Sugar Arch Bridges with the  Needham History Center

12. Hot Wheels, Ramps and Physics

13.  Balloon Mobiles

14. Physics of Rhythmic Gymnastics

15. Build the Internet with Olin College

16. Needham High Robotics

17.  Sound Waves

18. Non-Couch Potatoes- a FIRST LEGO League team

18. Food for Sale!

Activities subject to change...

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