What happens when family volunteering collides with a passion for elementary engineering activities?  Let's Build is born!  Let's Build was conceived by parents looking to bring engaging engineering activities into the classroom.  The expectation is that these engineering design challenge activities will not only inspire students to think of themselves as engineers but also encourage them to problem solve, think critically, and become comfortable with the trial and error process that is critical to all engineering design

Why Let's Build?


Fun With STEAM - Let's Build's engineering design challenges demystify engineering and excite students about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) by connecting them with engineering activities that are engaging, entertaining and enjoyable.

​​​​Showcasing Science Curriculum
- Let's Build connects with and enhances science curriculum covered the previous year. In this way, Let's Build's design challenges educate and engage volunteers in Needham’s science curriculum,

Creating Community through Volunteerism - Parent and family members volunteer alongside with members of the greater community.  When the community comes to together to work with children, community ties strengthen.

We Are ALL Engineers Let's Build's design challenges expose students to a wide variety of engineering role models and reinforce the idea that engineering is accessible and useful to all.

Let's Build makes engineering is useful, accessible and above all, fun!