Let's Build AfterSchool Programs

The Power of Water
Moving water is energy, harness it do amazing things!
Storybook Engineering
Those fairy-tale characters are constantly in hot water! Help Jack get down the beanstalk via parachute, build a tower for Rapunzel and defeat the Big Bad Wolf with a well designed house (and more!)
Circuits, Robots and Fun!
From series to parallel, squishy circuits to doorbells, bristle bots and doodle bots, explore how we use circuits as a tool in life.
Engineering for Real People
Can you build a portable ramp to help wheelchairs climb a curb? Explore solutions to real life problems by planning, building, testing and revising.
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Harnessing Energy
Solar Cookers, Stomp Rockets, Rubberband Helicopters and more!
Stomp Rockets
How high? How far? How many fins? What works best?
Girls Build Rovers
Build and wire a Mars Rover from scratch while learning about the Mars Rover program and female scientists and engineers.
Family Engineering
Workshops for adults and their children to work on engineering design challenges... together!
Building Madness
Experiment with shape and materials! Build structures that hold weight, observe and improve!
Wild Wind Power!
Sail powered cars? Windmills? Can wind do work? (yes!)
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