Let's Build Needham Classroom Curriculum

​In Needham, each engineering design challenge activity in grades 1-5 focuses on energy and reinforces science curriculum taught at the previous grade level. 

Curriculum Overview

Grade              NPS Science Units                                         Let’s Build  Engineering Design Challenge 

K                     Properties of Water                                                         Bears Across the Atlantic

                    Weather and Seasonal Changes                                  The Power of Waterwheels
                          Life Cycles
                          Air and Wind

                    Magnets                                                                              Puff Mobiles

                   Fossils                                                                                  Magnetic Circus
                        Circuits and Pathways
                        Rocks and Minerals

                  Light and Shadow                                                               Circuits and Alarms
                       Changing Earth

5                  Simple Machines                                                                 Stomp Rockets
                       Weather and Climate