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Storybook Engineering - Part II

Did you know that the three little pigs had a younger sister? Pigina was a keen observer and when her three older brothers made their way into the world, she watched and learned from their mistakes.

Finally, it was Pigina's turn to build a house and live on her own. Rather than simply accept the first material she found and build just any old house, Pigina asked a crack team of kindergarten engineers to help. Their challenge? Build a "wolf-proof" house.

The kindergartners worked in teams to evaluate materials: toothpicks vs. pipe cleaners. They planned, built and tested model houses. Despite the interruption of a fire drill...

...the students had great designs and smart revisions. Thanks to their help, Pigina was able to make an informed choice and foil the Big Bad Wolf!

(Special thanks to our fabulous volunteer, K.S., sneakers visible in photos. She ran the "Big Bad Wolf" test station.

Big Bad Wolf = a fan) .

Stay tuned for our final storybook engineering challenge: Rapunzel!


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Sorry we missed you!

Were you looking for Monday's engineering challenge? Our apologies - we had a family distraction.... everything's fine, no one's sick, but we didn't have the time to blog. We'll be back tomorrow!

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