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Let's Build In Classroom - Fall 2016

We are thrilled to be headed back into Needham classrooms this fall. In November, we are running Stomp Rocks at Newman and Waterwheels and Circuits at Broadmeadow.

Check out photos of all 6 classroom units - each offers an engineering design challenge and a review of the science curriculum. (Scroll down!)

We always need volunteers - email for more information!

Puff Mobiles - Grade 2

Stomp Rockets - Grade 5

Bears Across the Atlantic - Kindy

Waterwheels - Grade 1

Magnetic Circus - Grade 3

Circuits - Grade 4


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Sorry we missed you!

Were you looking for Monday's engineering challenge? Our apologies - we had a family distraction.... everything's fine, no one's sick, but we didn't have the time to blog. We'll be back tomorrow!

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