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Challenge #7 Building for wind!

Hello all and welcome to challenge #7! Video below and Liz's tower at the very bottom!

Your challenge is to use materials to build a house/structure strong enough to withstand wind!

Watch: Vista Tower in Chicago - How does this structure handle strong winds? Video here


Paper (any kind)

Sticks (popsicle, coffee stirrers, pens, pencils, straws)

Tape and scissors

Fan (or someone willing to blow down your house!)


* Use only 4 or 6 sticks

* Build at least 12 in high

* Try adding a blow-through floor - does it make a difference in your design?

Liz's Building


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Sorry we missed you!

Were you looking for Monday's engineering challenge? Our apologies - we had a family distraction.... everything's fine, no one's sick, but we didn't have the time to blog. We'll be back tomorrow!

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