Magnetic Circus - Grade 3

This week, Let's Build is running the "Magnetic Circus" at Hillside in grade 3. The Magnetic Circus reviews the Grade 2 science curriculum, Magnets. In particular, this unit reinforces concepts of attraction and repulsion, and emphasizes that magnetic forces do work.

Students work in pairs to make a circus act (or carnival ride) powered by magnets AND they must give their act a really cool name. Check out some photos below- and awesome videos at the bottom! Hear the kids talk about their own work in their own words!

Special thanks to our volunteers this week, Kalpana S., Jason T., Jane E., Dana S., Jennifer T., Anne R, Mike S., Kristin B.,

Amanda P., Chris S. and Rachel D.!!!

Fabulous volunteer, Kalpana,

runs the "store".

Combined knowledge of magnets, observations, questions and, of course, the circus acts' really cool names!



The Killer Kar

The Ultimate Swing

The Slide of Doom

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