Challenge #5 - Build A Bridge with Let's Build

Happy Friday!

This is our last post in a five part series of engineering projects to do at home. Do you have feedback? Ideas? Send to Liz at

Today's challenge asks children to build a bridge strong enough to hold weight. As always, details are in the video below, materials and extensions are listed below that. Send photos of your children's work to and I'll post on and social media.

**Make sure to watch the introductory post - especially if you're new to the engineering design process.**


* Construction or copy paper

* Card stock or index cards

* String/yarn

* Straws or popsicle sticks (optional)

* Tape and scissors

* Weights - light, medium, heavy

* Two chairs (two feet apart) across which to build the bridge


* Greater distance

* More weight

* Build a tunnel bridge

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