#1 Challenge - Make a Table: Engineering Challenges with Stuff You Have at Home

Hello all,

If you're like us, you have kids at home. And if you're like us, you might also be working. Over the next two weeks, I'll be offering daily videos for you and your children. Each short video will outline a simple engineering challenge for your children to tackle. Each blog post will include modifications for younger and older children (below the video). Send photos of your children's work to info@letsbuildengineering.org and I'll post on letsbuildengineering.org and social media.

**Make sure to watch the introductory post - especially

if you're new to the engineering design process.**

Make a Table


* Any kind of paper

* Tabletop (cardboard or bin lid)

* Tape

* Scissors

* Books of various weights


Younger - work with adult/older siblings

Older - Make a table to hold all 7 Harry Potter books (or the equivalent!)

Don't use a table top - make the table entirely out of tape and paper

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